12 useful and beautiful gifts for the home

cadeau utile pour la maison

Making a useful gift for the house isn't always easy. In fact, it is necessary to try to be original and, at the same time, to meet the taste of the owners. However, if you know the decoration of the house and the preferences of the people who live there, choosing the right gift is naturally easier. But what is also important is knowing how to reconcile the beauty of the object with its usefulness: many gifts are aesthetically beautiful, but they have no function. So if you're out of ideas or unsure of what to buy, this list of 12 useful and beautiful gifts for the home is for you. We therefore invite you to read the rest of this article in order to discover them.

cadeau utile pour la maison

1- Lamp, a useful gift for the home

If you want to give something useful and beautiful for your home, the first item you can't give up is definitely a lamp. Indeed, choose one that goes well with the color and decoration of the house. Of course, a lamp is essential to create the right atmosphere and give brightness to the environment. There are different shapes, colors and sizes. For example, this 3D creative lamp from Zevessa has a heart shape and is perfect for the bedroom. So you can browse our catalog to find more other types of lamp, as we have a range of lamp varieties in our store. For example: the hourglass light with remote control is a light that is not too large, allowing it to be moved easily from one area of ​​the house to another . This is a detail that may be more comfortable for you and therefore should not be overlooked.

2- Watch is a useful gift for the home

Among the most beautiful and useful gifts for the home, a wall clock cannot be missing. Not only does it beautify furniture, but it also keeps an eye on the time. However, choosing a watch is not always an easy choice. First of all, its design must be in line with that of the house. The dimensions should also be taken into account, as a watch that is too large could be bulky or jump out too much. Better to opt for a sober and quiet watch like Hower. Also in this case it can be personalized, for example by inserting a photo inside.

3- Useful Home Gift: Flower Pot

Another great gift idea is the vase. Indeed, the vase is one of the most versatile and useful objects, since it can be used in different ways, for example to contain a plant, flowers or other objects. In addition, they give a touch of elegance and beauty to the house. In particular, ceramic vases give a more sophisticated design and a pleasant environment. With their most disparate shapes and colors, the vases adapt to any type of interior. This useful object for the home is available at Zevessa and the quality is there. Our vase will last a long time with its owner and make the room beautiful.

cadeau utile pour la maison

4- Photo frame is a useful home gift

A fourth useful gift for the home is the picture frame. Everyone loves having photos around the house of the important and happy moments in their life. The best way to display these photos is inside precious frames, which can embellish the furniture in the house. Depending on the style of the furniture, you can choose different frames, for example in silver or wood, simple or more elaborate. It is a useful and beautiful best gift for the home that always brings joy to whoever owns it.

5- Useful Home Gift: Doormat

The doormat is undoubtedly a useful gift, which cannot be missing in any home. It could almost be considered a presentation card, so it's important to make a good impression starting with the doormat. It is advisable to choose one that reflects the personality of the house and its owners, so that you can vary between several types. There are colorful and lively doormats, more sober and serious, and even personalized doormats. This last option is the most original and will probably be the most appreciated. For example, you can insert a kind or affectionate phrase, or a photo in it. Give a new face to a home by giving this useful home gift to its owner.

6-Home Appliances

Electrical appliances are also indispensable in life, which can make our lives easier. Indeed, household appliances include refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cookers, milk machines, juicers, washing machines, electric saucepans, multifunction rice cookers . Indeed, they represent indispensable gifts for the home, because the emergence of these household appliances has improved our lives a lot. The majority of these useful home devices are available on Zevessa at a reasonable price.

cadeau utile pour la maison

7- Useful Home Gift: Scented Candle

The scented candle is another essential gift. They are not simple objects, but something more, as they give off pleasant scents and communicate emotions. This is not a gift to be taken lightly, as the scent of the candle will keep the person to whom it is dedicated company every day. So it's best to choose a candle that matches the person's taste, but if you're undecided, then better go for a delicate scent.

8- Silverware

The seventh gift for the house is a cutlery set. It's a classic gift, suitable for any occasion and always in style. Indeed, if you want to impress, choose quality cutlery that is stainless and retains a bright color over time. In addition, opt especially for a large service, which contains different types of cutlery. When choosing, you must also take into account the use that will be made of this set. For example: if it will be used on a daily basis, it is better to offer less elegant cutlery, but if you want to impress the recipient of the gift, it is better to opt for a more refined design, capable of giving table value.

9-Useful Home Gift: Mugs

As with the cutlery, the cup set is also a gift to be safe with. Generally the most used are those for coffee, but for tea lovers there are just as many options. Mugs vary in shape, color, size and quality of materials. As these are coffee or tea cups, large sizes are not necessary. The colorful and modern style cups are the most striking and the most beautiful to display. As for the thickness, the thin ones have a more delicate appearance and are very decorative.

10- The robot vacuum cleaner is a useful gift for the home

Cleaning a house requires a little more maintenance with the right tools. Make life easier for owners by offering them a robot vacuum cleaner. For its use, it is enough just to press the button of the remote control so that this intelligent device collects all the waste, the dust and the wool. This useful home item available on Zevessa is of premium quality.

cadeau utile pour la maison

11- Umbrella Stand

An increasingly fashionable gift is the umbrella stand, which is very practical and comfortable. It is naturally placed at the entrance, so you must first understand the available space. For this reason, there are space-saving models, usually rectangular in shape. However, the umbrella stand also becomes an element of furniture, so its style must fit well with the rest of the house. There are many umbrella stands that have a particular shape and give a pleasant optical effect, without being sticky.

12- Cushion

This fashion item is a useful gift that everyone will be proud to have in their home. Here you can really indulge yourself, choosing between pleasant and original shapes or opting for the most classic and elegant ones. A simple pillow can give a different touch to the room, embellish the sofa and, above all, provide comfort and softness. This object can be chosen depending on the color of the living room or sofa. In return, you can opt for a shade that breaks with the one already present. In any case, the effect will be fascinating.


With these items mentioned above, you won't regret choosing one. Indeed, in addition to being all useful objects for everyday life, they are also real gift ideas. However, whatever useful home gift you choose, remember that first and foremost you need to bring good humor and positivity to the person for whom it is intended.