How to decorate your house?

comment décorer sa maison

At some point in life, we often decide to furnish our house to give it a new look. Often, there is no time to do it, but if you find one, take care to do it well. It's totally different than moving from one apartment to another. Here you decide whether to expand the house or keep it intact for decoration. Indeed, the decoration of your house must take into account the style, the color, the floor that you wanted. So, to answer how to decorate your house, we listed the best tips for doing so in this article.

Well before starting the actual decoration of your home, you will need to consider a few parameters.

What style would you like to furnish your home in?

First, you need to agree with the people who want to work with you on the general style you want to adopt. It does not only depend on your personal taste, but also on the style of the building. It is of course possible to transform your house into a princess castle with the right furnishings.

By visiting Zevessa, you will find all the decorative accessories you need. Indeed, when researching styles, you will find that there is a variation of regional and historical styles. As a general rule, you can keep in mind that no more than two different styles should be mixed. More than two gives the impression of overload and confusion. Clear structures are important so that you can feel at home.

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How to decorate your house with good lighting?

A beautiful house only really shines if it is well lit.

Through lighting you have another great and exciting opportunity to influence the overall effect of your premises. Indirect, warm light is nice for the sofa corner. Also, to stage a superb picture, you can also use real spots. Spotlights hidden in the floor or LED cube table lamp on the glass shelves, your imagination will have no limits.

Similarly, you can also hire a professional lighting designer to organize the different lighting zones in a room, the degree of lighting, the shadows targeted and the type of bulbs. This specialist knows exactly how to decorate his house with light effects. Also, to find inspiration at a lower cost, it is recommended to take a look in the category Zevessa furnishing lamps. From there, it will be much easier to create designs yourself.

Arrange the garden and the balcony to harmonize your home

The balcony or the garden also require suitable layouts. Here, too, you will somehow live. Indeed, the style of the house must also be reflected in the outdoor facilities so that the whole is harmonious. A folding wine table and chairs should be available to enjoy time outdoors. If you're a little funny, you can place the "Welcome" Funny Gnome Statue at the entrance to your garden. Also, the decorative elements and the colors of the plants can also be harmonized with the rest.

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How to Decorate Your Home: Furniture Colors

Decide on a base color per room. Avoid the color black, since it extinguishes the decoration of your home. You can choose the colors like: white, beige, orange, brown lime green or others. In any case, you have your preference.

Then buy most of the decorative furniture in the chosen color or in shades of the color. Besides, it's up to you whether you want to repaint the house, stick wallpaper or opt for a phrase as a wall tattoo. A Modern Digital Wall Clock will also do the trick. By playing with colors, you have the possibility, for example, of integrating inherited furniture into modern furnishings.

How to decorate your house with old furniture?

Even for bedroom furniture, you can combine old pieces with new furniture. Indeed, it is not necessary to give, sell or throw everything away immediately. It is possible to make craft and design changes to almost any piece of furniture, so that it can be adapted to the new style of the house.

However, you can't do all the decor with just the old furniture, it won't change much. Especially the living room which is the room that allows you to receive guests and where you spend enough time with your family. So consider buying some new furniture to revive the house.

How to decorate your home: parquet or laminate?

The floor offers you all kinds of possibilities to contribute to the decoration of your home. Tile, laminate or carpet, the options are limitless and the colors are also very flexible. White parquet, carpet, everything you want is also available on Zevessa. Thus, you can give the whole room a certain basic tone thanks to the type and color of the floor.

Indeed, when choosing the floor, it is also important to anticipate. Are you planning to have children or have you been considering getting a dog for a long time? In this case, you should pay attention to the type of flooring. In the rooms where you spend the most time and where you receive visitors, it is recommended to opt for a resistant and easy-care floor.

Comment décorer sa maison avec des rideaux

How to decorate your house with curtains and blinds?

Windows are the eyes of a house. It is through them that you look outside. Likewise, you will open the windows when you call your children or when you want to bring fresh air into the house. This is how windows can make a significant contribution to the furnishing style.

Heavy velvet curtains or modern slatted blinds, whatever your type of home, there is always a solution. Nowadays, curtains are also draped in a decorative way and are no longer used in the literal sense of the word, to darken the room and protect from view. Be inspired by specialty stores to discover all that is possible in decorating ideas with curtains.

In addition to the living room, children's bedrooms, and even the kitchen can be enhanced. For the bathroom, the most practical solution is window film due to the hot and humid climate.

How to decorate your home using online patterns?

In online shops you will find tips and ideas to make your home pleasant to live in. In addition, you will have ideas for planning around the kitchen, the bathroom and the garden as well as ideas for housing and layout at a lower cost.

To present the furnishing objects in an attractive way, they build artificial open apartments in which you can see the offered pieces in action. Therefore, observe the decorative context and also let the color schemes and fabric mixes act on you. Because here, professional and trained decorators and planners are at work.


It is certainly a lot of fun to know how to decorate your house using crazy style elements and painting a wall or sticking wallpapers. But in the end, does it match your personality? When decorating your home, always keep in mind that your home should ultimately reflect you as a person. Since you spend a large part of your life between your four walls and these should correspond to you entirely and make you happy. Contact us here for all your furnishing and decoration accessory needs. We provide quality and provide you with advice.