Basic kitchen equipment – ​​Here are the best basics

Equipement de base pour cuisine – Voici les meilleurs basiques

When you move into your first apartment, you want to inaugurate the kitchen as soon as possible. So that you have everything you need, we have put together the basic equipment for every kitchen. From the crockery and good knives to the pan and pot: nothing stands in the way of your first meal in your own home.

So keep reading this guide to learn more about basic kitchen equipment!

Basic equipment for your kitchen: No kitchen can do without these utensils

What should not be missing in the kitchen and what basic equipment should you absolutely have at home? We have put together for you the most important elements:

The right pots and pans

Les bonnes casseroles et poêles

After all, you don't just want to eat snacks. A selection of pots and pans are part of the basic kitchen equipment. These are often offered in large sets. But as long as you have two small and two large saucepans and a frying pan in the kitchen cupboard, you are well equipped. So that you don't burn yourself or your table, oven mitts and a trivet are also essential.

The cutlery set

You've cooked and now you want to dine in style? Then a nice cutlery set should not be missing! This should consist of four to six specimens with a knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon, and cake fork.

Which knives do you absolutely need?

Essential for the preparation: at least a very sharp knife. Over time, you can expand your knife repertoire to include a small chef's knife, paring knife, and bread knife. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the kitchen. As these are often used, it is worth investing a little more when choosing them. Of course, you also need the right surface for cooking. Then a cutting board is also part of the kitchen equipment!

Basic kitchen equipment: dishes

In the morning for breakfast and in the evening for dinner, serve your dishes and drinks in and on the right crockery. For the evening snack it is the small breakfast plate, for the soups the bulbous soup plate and for the main meal a large flat plate. Are you a muesli fan? So don't forget the small bowls on your shopping list. The following applies to all coffee and tea lovers: coffee cups or mugs are also part of the basic equipment in the kitchen.

Kitchen Basics: Glasses

Drinking glasses are an absolute must among basic kitchen equipment. You can have more - we recommend at least six to nine. If necessary, you can add wine, champagne or shot glasses to the kitchen equipment. Or how about quality glasses and knives? In our Zevessa online shop you will definitely find the right one!

Kitchen electrical appliances

Appareils électriques de cuisines

The choice of electronic kitchen appliances is enormous. The final choice always depends on your habits and needs. The most common are toasters, coffee machines, microwaves, kettles, blenders and hand mixers. These devices are also part of the basic kitchen equipment that you can never do without.

Cleaning equipment

In order to keep your kitchen room nice and clean, the right cleaning products and cleaning products should not be missing. Indeed, cleaning accessories are also part of basic kitchen equipment. Especially if you don't have a dishwasher, you shouldn't do without rags, sponges and dish brushes. Dishcloths are handy for quickly drying dishes or wet surfaces. Paper towels and garbage bags should also be part of your basic kitchen equipment.

More basic kitchen equipment

Kitchen spatulas are definitely part of the basic kitchen equipment. These prevent nasty scratches in your coated pan and make it easier to sear without burning. The bottle opener (preferably with a corkscrew) and the can opener are also used again and again. In order to be able to peel your vegetables and fruits more easily, a paring knife or a vegetable peeler is essential, it saves you an incredible amount of time during cooking. Which is also very useful:

For baking lovers - This is what you need in a kitchen set

At least to practice traditional recipes, you need basic cooking equipment. A basis is the mixing bowl - the dough, fillings and fillings are prepared there. For cake batter, you will also need a measuring cup with different measuring gauges for measuring sugar, flour, and liquids such as milk. Or you can use a kitchen scale for this.

No cake without a whisk: this is essential for stirring the dough or the icing, or making a pudding. And then, of course, the good baking molds are not lacking. The most common are the baking sheet, the springform pan, the casserole dish and the cake pan. You can then display the end result in style on a shelf or cake stand – Bon appétit!

For the Savers - The Coolest Kitchen Equipment Hacks

When buying your kitchen utensils, take your time and compare prices. It doesn't always have to be about the handmade stoneware tableware. The timeless classic fine china dinnerware set is also a great start. The same goes for cutlery. The high quality stainless steel set is just as aesthetic as a painted metal set. Modern plastic kitchen equipment is still the cheapest - and optically in no way inferior to its alternatives! Play with many colors and shapes and equip avant-garde and classic kitchens with them!

For fashionistas - the most beautiful utensils for a stylish kitchen

The kitchen is usually also the center of the house and an open kitchen in particular wants to be stylishly integrated into the living room.

How does it work?

Using the same high quality utensils and decorations as in the living room and dining room. A marble cutting board with a grey-white grain, mother-of-pearl egg spoons and the gold-plated metal cutlery set convince in the glamorous kitchen. Do you prefer sleek minimalist chic? So go for white! Every kitchen utensil, from dishes to cutting boards to bread baskets, is white. Even cutlery shines here with white handles!

For Scandinavian fans - You need these products for your basic kitchen equipment

When it comes to kitchens with a Scandi look, reduced design is key! Here are the handcrafted ceramic tableware, modern stainless steel cutlery and service utensils and pastel melamine or stoneware storage bins. Natural tones such as beige, white and pastel tones are a must in basic Scandinavian kitchen equipment and go hand in hand with wooden elements. For example the chopping board in light mango wood or the bowls in light bamboo.

No matter which furnishing style you prefer: With this basic equipment for the kitchen you are well equipped and can enjoy both cooking and baking! After all, it's better at home, especially with the right kitchen equipment!

Extra tip: How to recognize good kitchen accessories?

Comment reconnaître les bons accessoires de cuisine

You use your kitchen accessories on a daily basis. Heat, acid, cleaning agents and mechanical forces put you to the test. It is therefore important that the utensils are made of high quality materials that can stand the test. Therefore, pay attention to the following properties:

  • The material used for the kitchen utensil must be tasteless, unbreakable, unalterable and resistant to acids.
  • It should also not release harmful substances into food after prolonged use.
  • The design should be functional and constructed in such a way that handling is easy and safe.

Furthermore, even after a long period of time, no parts should break or gaps or openings should appear where you could hurt yourself.

Since you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning the kitchen accessories you use, dishwasher-safe tools are ideal. Difficult-to-clean cavities, corners and grooves also have no place here.

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