Home decoration ideas: the top of the best to design spaces creatively

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Decorating your own home can be a lot of fun if you have a house decoration idea beforehand. But it must also be well planned, otherwise it will quickly become an unnecessary expense.

However, if you keep the ideas in mind; the basic rules, and the tips below offered by Zevessa, you will decorate your home with the best option. So everyone will be comfortable in your room as well as yourself. Let's get to the heart of this article together to discover the good things to decorate our house comfortably from now on.

Home decoration idea for the bathroom and kitchen

idee decoration maison

Both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, you can do creative things with the tiles on the wall. postcards with motivational quotes or small fridge or radiator magnets are other loving decoration ideas for both rooms.

In fact, in the bathroom, you can match the decoration with the towels and bath mat of the same color, thus forming a harmonious whole. You can also coordinate cups for electric toothbrush and soap dispenser. A few potted plants and a laundry basket made of natural materials like rattan work well. Candles contribute to relaxing or romantic moments, especially in decorative candle holders.

Then in the kitchen you can put things in a fun way, for example on a Self-Adhesive Wall Shelf you can put your condiments bowls, bowls. In addition, potholders and tea towels in the same color harmonize the whole kitchen. fruit plates filled with different fruits keep you healthy and bring color to your kitchen. With the Electric lunch box, you will make your food preparation area completely comfortable.

Home decoration idea for the living room

The fair is above all synonymous with relaxation, but also with creativity and new projects. This can be reflected in the colors. You can choose textiles in matching colours, for example for curtains, sofa cushions and tablecloths.

Similarly, large pictures on the wall set the right mood; photo wallpaper is also a very important option for decoration. With Copper Lamps - Stag you can read a book in every corner. And especially in the living room the sculptures should not be missing. For example, the Nordic Resin Sculpture Character Head David available on zevessa will create a completely different atmosphere from other people's homes.

Home decoration idea for the relaxing bedroom

idee decoration maison

Rest, relaxation and being able to fall asleep well in the evening, this should be the aim of the decoration in the bedroom. So you can do a lot with textiles. For example, translucent linen curtains let softly filtered light into the bedroom and a warm rug next to the bed prevents cold feet before going to sleep. Likewise, a rich decoration with pillows and plaids makes the bedroom cozy and comfortable.

You can also use the sculptures in the bedroom. But, they should be a little more discreet than in the living room. As you might expect, a single Storage sculpture looks beautiful above your bed. So you can put your money, necklace, chains or something else in it.

House decoration idea: what you should pay attention to?

The right decoration makes your home more attractive and serves the purpose of the room in question So ask yourself before any home decoration ideas how you want to use the space and adjust your decorating ideas Consequently. Of course, the decoration should also match the interior. So try to objectively see your current furnishing concept before anything else. Use your findings so that no contradictions appear in the furnishing concept due to the decoration.

In addition, the architectural layout of the house is also important. Therefore, the building must match the decoration ideas. On the other hand, if you have a very modern house and you decorate it with country style elements, you will not get the authentic atmosphere that you want. A modern home should be decorated with a Modern Creative Spirit.

House decoration idea: some basic tips to follow

Before decorating any house, it is necessary to follow some instructions beforehand in order to do it well. So below, Zevessa presents some basic tips to follow before starting your actual decoration.

Provide technical details

At the start of any remodeling of your home, it is essential that you measure the rooms and furniture. This not only helps to organize the surroundings well, but also to ensure that any new furniture can fit through the doors, hallways, elevator and others. In addition, you must also take care of the places where they should have electricity.

Reserve space for going back and forth

Household furniture and other household implements should not hinder but help. When arranging each item in your home, keep necessary measures in order to facilitate free movement. As a result, moving freely in our home makes our daily lives easier and avoids stress.

Enjoy air circulation and natural light

Idee decoration maison

It is not only an indispensable means for energy saving and practicality, but also a tip for improving your mental and physical health. Indeed, the lighting with the lamps (artificial) make it possible to supplement the natural one. So, before choosing how and where to place table lamps, chandeliers etc., first think about your room decoration and observe the effect of the color of each of the lamps on it.

Use the tones as you like

Colors are an accompaniment to lighting and influence our psyche. For example, warm colors make the environment comfortable and warm while cool colors create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. Indeed, if you understand the meaning of the colors, it will help you to apply each of them naturally in the right place. Below are some color details:

  • The three basic cool colors or tones are: the, the violet (violet or mauve); green and blue: they are associated with the moon, water and grace; and give the feeling of cold;
  • Basic warm colors are: orange ; the red and yellow: the others are associated with the sun, blood and fire; and provide a feeling of warmth.

Make your home unique

In any home decoration idea, you must think about designing your room in an attractive and unique way to catch the eye of anyone who walks in. It must bring the best feeling to yourself as well as your passengers.

Remember that there are no general guidelines for decorating your home! Just think of your home in the tone that suits it. See what's up your alley and decorate until you get to your favorite place, which is your home.

Bet on small changes

idee decoration maison

Usually it's about doing little things that aren't expensive to give your home decor a better new look.

Here are some ideas that Zevessa has to offer:

Walls change color and become eye-catching with an application of wallpaper or paint, creatively composed personal items or even stylized paintings;

Adhesives and inserts help change the look of bathrooms and kitchens without having to remove the coating;

Don't forget rugs, curtains, and covers for sofas and armchairs. Likewise, elegant and beautiful pillows are items that can give an attractive look to your room.

Flower pots make the house look pretty and also help purify the air. Any type is comfortable: Ceramic creative flowerpot, a vegetable garden and even an orchard!


From all of the above, it's time to start decorating your home yourself by following these instructions. Do you already imagine what your home will look like when you put all these tips from Zevessa into practice? So, don't boycott these ideas, instead put them into practice and you will see in the end that you have developed a good home decoration idea.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us by here if you want to know more about all our products available on Zevessa, for example. Whether it's wellness products or home products or other types, we will satisfy your tastes instantly!