What are the everyday essentials for a home?

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When moving into an apartment, certain basic items will allow you to enjoy life well. Indeed, everyday objects make up a large part of the collection and you may find yourself overwhelmed by discovering them.

At the most basic level, you really only need the essentials in your home. In this article, we have taken the time to select the most useful everyday objects for you. Take the time to read carefully.

Brosse à dent électrique 360° un objets du quotidien


Everyone needs good dental hygiene. At first, it was difficult for people with reduced motor skills to keep their teeth clean. Indeed, the 360° Electric Toothbrush was designed to help better brush the teeth of people with limited strength, mobility and ability to control.

It has become clear that electric toothbrushes are outperforming conventional toothbrushes. Therefore, the majority of dental surgeons invite everyone to adopt this type of brush. In fact, those who use electric models preserve their teeth longer. In addition, they suffer fewer cavities and their jaws are more resistant.

Basic kitchen utensils are everyday items you need to have in your home

The kitchen is the source of most of your household needs. Indeed, it is usually the busiest room in a house and you need basic accessories for cooking.

Indeed, it is possible to spend a little more money at the start to furnish your kitchen. By having the necessary items in your kitchen, you are less tempted to go out, which is one of the best ways to eat.

Start the life of your kitchen by buying the main basic items. Either you buy an economical series that contains the basic items, or you choose only what you are sure you can use and then complete your equipment gradually. ​

You can start by getting things like a Digital Measuring Spoon, spatulas, a vegetable paring knife and a cheese rack. Consider a set of stainless steel soup spoons and a wall mounted spice box. Finally, a good pair of multipurpose scissors should not be missing in any kitchen either.

The aroma diffuser uses everyday objects for a good sense of smell

Do you know that feeling when you associate a certain scent with a person or a certain aroma with a place? An aroma can be so magical.

Although largely underestimated, our sense of smell has a huge impact on our daily lives and on our fondest memories. Perfumes and smells are masters of memory, capable of bringing us back to that exotic place or even evoking that special someone.

A person's scent is like an invisible signature, it's an untouchable mark that stays with us forever. Create your own!

The Electric Aroma Diffuser is a great way to bring a beautiful smell into the atmosphere of your home. Create a signature scent for your home that your family and friends will recognize and appreciate.

Wall shelf: one of everyday objects

Whether for folders, vases or books, a wall shelf is a particularly stylish place to store all your things.

There is a shelf in every living room, bedroom or office. After all, it's a tried-and-true way to keep important items close at hand. However, a glass shelf is more than just an everyday object.

Bulbs, we use them every day

It's handy to have spare bulbs in your home to replace them in case they break. Each room requires a type of lighting and therefore you need to know which bulb you need for each case. For example, for a living room the decorative lamp in the shape of a ball is ideal for creating an admirable atmosphere.

Don't make the mistake of buying incandescent bulbs. Not only are they obsolete, but it also consumes a lot more. And that translates into more money spent. Opt for retro Edison bulbs which are also more efficient and durable. Your pocket will thank you!

Versatile vacuum cleaner, one of the everyday items you must have

Floors get dirty faster the more people live in your home or if you have pets. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is essential and becomes an everyday object.

It is important that you buy a vacuum cleaner according to your needs. So, if you are single, a small, inexpensive model can do the trick. With children and pets, you should buy one that can withstand regular use. A good vacuum cleaner is an investment that should be able to last for many years.

No carpet? No problem. If your house is all hardwood or linoleum, you can skip the vacuum and go for a more manual solution. A broom, dustpan and mop are the most basic solutions, although a good wet-dry sweeper can make the chore a little easier.

You can't imagine how a clean floor can make your home more comfortable, so make it a priority.

A good set of kitchen knives

Knives are the backbone of the kitchen and it's wise to have a good set available. You can stick to the basics and have just a few knives on hand or buy a whole set.

Investing in a good set of quality knives is a smart idea and they often last for many years.

A folding cutting board will also save you a lot of hassle and protect your counters and kitchen utensils from damage. There are many materials to choose from, but the most important decision will be size.

Everyday items for tableware and glassware

Dishes, silverware and glassware are all essential to any home, no matter how much cooking you do.

Your first set of plates, bowls and silverware doesn't have to be the absolute best or last forever. There are many choices at many different price points, so choose a set that you like and that fits your budget.

For glassware, a whisky decanter set with 2 etched Globe glasses is a good start. These can hold all your favorite beverages, from milk to soda to beer. Also add a Automatic Lens Cleaner for maintenance. Don't forget that you will also need the Reusable Dishwashing Gloves.

appareils électroménagères

Small basic appliances

You can always add small appliances as you move into your home. But there are a few you should consider right away to make things more convenient.

Top picks include Automatic Soap Dispenser, Popcorn Machine. Keep in mind the amount of counter space you have and choose models that are suitable for your use. If you don't need any of these, ignore them.

You could also consider an electric coffee grinder.

Essential everyday laundry items

Laundry is an essential part of the house, even if you have to go to the laundromat. Add a laundry basket to your list of everyday essentials, along with detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.

If your clothes need to be ironed regularly, an iron and ironing board will also be essential.

If your wardrobe is more casual, you may be able to do without the ironing board, but an iron can come in handy.

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The Key is one of the essential everyday items

Keys are essential in our daily lives and for our security. Above all, for those of us who have no idea, having a copy is essential. No one would like to be left behind because of a mistake.

Fear of losing your keys shouldn't be the only reason to have a spare. For example, over time they can eventually deteriorate and no longer fit the lock properly. So, to avoid all these protocols, we definitely recommend to buy Smart Digital Door Lock. It's more secure and you avoid lugging the keys everywhere.


We can remember that the everyday objects that we have mentioned in this article are the basis for a house. Otherwise there is still much more that we let you discover for yourself on the Zevessa store. I hope you enjoyed reading this article! So do not hesitate to share with us in the comments if you have anything else to offer us that is not yet in the Zevessa shop.