Brosse Autonettoyante pour Chien et Chat - Zevessa
Brosse Autonettoyante pour Chien et Chat - Zevessa
Brosse Autonettoyante pour Chien et Chat - Zevessa
Brosse Autonettoyante pour Chien et Chat - Zevessa
Brosse Autonettoyante pour Chien et Chat - Zevessa
Brosse Autonettoyante pour Chien et Chat - Zevessa

Self-cleaning Brush for Dogs and Cats

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Take care of your hairball

Do you want to make your pet happy, and why not avoid picking up its hair ?
Give her a soft, shiny coat made easy with the Self-Cleaning Brush for cats and dogs!

Thanks to its stainless steel bristles with protective tips, it is specially designed to brush the hairs in depth without hurting the animal. In this way, it can detangle the fur, as well as get rid of it to get rid of dust and dead hair.

In addition, its ingenious system with a removable tray allows you to remove the hairs from the brush with the simple touch of your finger.It is the essential accessory for an easy, fast and effective grooming !

Finally, this brush can also massage your cat or your dog in addition to stimulating blood circulation .
Its XL format ensures easy use and brushing a large area without effort .
The self-cleaning cat brush is therefore a perfect gift idea for a purring cat , or a relaxed dog.
You'll see, they'll be begging for more.

Materials adapted for unprecedented comfort for your pet

Particularly hygienic, the removable brush tray prevents the stagnation of hairs.

The handle of the self-cleaning brush for cats and dogs is made of ABS plastic.
Its pins are made of high quality stainless steel are covered with protective tips to ensure the safety of the beast.
This makes it extremely strong in order to resist falls and bites.

The ergonomic shape of this grooming comb ensures a good grip and prevents fatigue.

Finally, its convenient size allows you to carry it in your pocket or bag on your outings.
So you can the comfort of your pet wherever you are!

For what type of animal?

This self-cleaning brush suitable for many pets. It is suitable for all hair types.

We know that grooming is essential for dogs, but we forget that it is just as important to brush your cat.
Indeed, this practice reduces hair loss. It also helps to find less hair on the fabrics of the house, and as much fewer regurgitated balls by your cat!

This is the perfect trick for a animal in good health with a nice coat.

How do I use the self-cleaning brush?

Start by brushing your tomcat or doggie respecting the direction of his coat.
Then simply press the round button on the top of the brush to activate the removable tray.
The comb is then completely cleared of hair!

Remember to clean the brush regularly with soapy water to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

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