Mini gaufrier portable - Zevessa
Mini gaufrier portable - Zevessa
Mini gaufrier portable - Zevessa
Mini gaufrier portable - Zevessa
Mini gaufrier portable - Zevessa
Mini gaufrier portable - Zevessa

portable mini waffle maker

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The portable mini waffle maker allows you to prepare meals in individual portions in less than three minutes. Thanks to its non-stick surface, you can cook and brown everything perfectly . Easy to use, just plug it in, wait 1-3 minutes for it to be preheated and when the light goes out, cooking can begin.

Waffles process:

Ingredients: Eggs, Low Gluten Flour, Butter, Sugar, Milk, Corn Starch, Yogurt, Fruit.
Production Method:
1: Prepare the required materials.
2: mix the egg yolk with 30g of sugar, beat and stir well.
3: pour in the milk and stir evenly.
4: pour in the melted butter and stir evenly.
5: add flour strained low gluten.
6: Stir into a smooth, even batter.
7: Beat the egg whites with a whisk until coarse bubbles and add 15 grams of sugar.8: add 15 grams of granulated sugar when sent to a delicate state.
9: add the last 15 grams of caster sugar when lines appear.
10: until whites of eggs appear in a state of hard foam with sharp corners.
11: Take one third of the egg white paste and add it to the egg yolk paste, and mix it high at the bottom.
12: pour the yolk paste of egg mixed into the egg white batter and continue to mix evenly.
13: Preheat the mold for a minute or two after greasing.
14: Pour the batter.
15: Heat over medium-low heat, cook on each side for a minute or two, then flip, flip twice for about 4 minutes.

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