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Support pliable pour ordinateur - Zevessa
Support pliable pour ordinateur - Zevessa
Support pliable pour ordinateur - Zevessa

Foldable computer stand

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You know that bad posture when working in front of your pc can cause neck and back pain, and lower your productivity. However, with this foldable computer stand, you will no longer have these discomforts. It is top quality and keeps you in top shape while working on your computer.


  • Material: ABS
  • Angles: 6 levels
  • Color: black, white, pink

Do you experience neck pain while working?

If you spend hours in front of your computer, you know how important it is to have the right posture. Otherwise, poor posture can cause neck pain, back pain, and lower your productivity.

Adopt the right posture now with our multifunctional foldable stand

Limits your discomfort and pain in seconds.

Head forward or back bent? Over time, these positions, although uncomfortable, promote many pains on several parts of your body.

Our foldable computer stand greatly limits your pain related to the back or neck. It allows you to straighten your posture so that you can work without discomfort and concentrate on the essentials.

Our foldable support is your best ally during a work session or game.

Find the position that's right for you with 6 levels of angles.

Self-care is important, and that starts with having the right posture.

That's why our foldable computer stand has up to 6 levels of angles to help you find the position that is most suitable, whether you are on your desk, your sofa or even on your bed.

Increase your productivity without delay with our computer stand.

Compatible with all your devices.

This computer stand is compatible with your computer, tablet, or cell phone. With its folding design, take it with you anywhere by simply slipping it into your bag. Impossible to feel the difference in weight thanks to its lightness. You can even enjoy a moment of relaxation by putting your book on it!


1. Hello, is it suitable for a 13 inch mac book pro?

Yes, our computer stand is suitable for all models. It is adjustable in height and width.

2. Is it used to cool my computer?

Yes, the open design provides excellent ventilation and airflow to keep your laptop from overheating.

3. Do the ""hooks"", holding the computer at the bottom, not protrude too much and not interfere with typing on the keyboard?

No. Our support has been thought out and designed to offer you the best possible comfort during your various jobs.

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